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new yorkers are accustomed to 2 am bodega runs, it is this convenience that prompts food cravings. cramped in stark surroundings, it becomes most comfortable to browse in sweat pants and slip-on shoes.

mundane routines are elevated by hand-done processes + high fashion.

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data obsession

in an effort to improve quality of life, we’ve grown a fascination to record + analyze influential aspects of our day-to-day. believing that circumstances are not random, data interpretation reveals patterns.

meticulous measure : the result is a visual diary allocated by colour, mindful of the value of life.

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altering identities

on its own today, historical paintings and portraits affect little emotion. in response to the adapting society, references connect past to present. careful brushstrokes are collected in photoshop, then revised with d.i.y. applications.

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innocent mischief

familiar subjects + pastel hues reflect a childish exterior, but a grown-up perception reveals a darker undertone. the base message implies an allegory of the day, when one takes off the rose-coloured glasses, and realizes that things are not as they seem.

regretful wishes to stay a kid forever.

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active : mathematical

we are continually mindful of the nutritional info we take in with food, to the balance of calories burned. this subconscious data eventually permeates personal taste + leverages into active wear.

grid prints / calculated layering of semi-transparent + rubberized 
synthetics / colours invigorated by the juice generation

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brick-and-mortar : staying power

85% of US sales will occur in physical stores— according to LS:N Global.

tactility over clinical convenience. a story being told through the feel of a fabric, immersion in an actual environment— which continues to be more emotional, more valuable than the online quick-fix.

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mori girl / comfort / monochrome

[Pictured : Yuhan + Alessandra]

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print / embellish / embroider

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recording a dream // Dreams are typical for the seamless shifts in scenery. Unconcerned about the logistics of setting things in place, they reflect a mind’s seemingly random stream of consciousness. Signalling to alert or confirm, they guide or dissuade the main character through explored scenarios.

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"I’m worried I’m not worried"
In the look for perfection or striving to be close, the gap is greater and insufficient to satisfy. Hoping to be diagnosed with a labeled disorder in order to have an excuse for falling short, one becomes so allergic to pain that she must turn to gratification methods that require habitual doses.

come as you are // Human’s definition is imperfection, as more continue to remember, to appreciate the simple soul underneath the masking and pretending, underneath the makeup and pretensions, that there is just a fallible human at its core. Tired of ‘being ok’ all the time, most are craving connection that begins with accepting mistakes and encouraging a light on bruises. It gives permission to be more honest, open, real, and lightens the pressure to be ‘presentable’.

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